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In fulfillment with the duty of information had in the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and the E-commerce (LSSI-CE) of 11 July, facilitate to continuation the following data of general information of this website:

The ownership of this website, MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL (www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXX (Reffering to MarketPlace), (from now on, Website) has it: MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL, with NIF (Fiscal number ID): ES B40575904 and inscribed in: VALENCIA SPAIN with the following data: 2019/364, Loin 10654 Folio 179, whose representative is: YASSER EDER SINISTERRA BURBANO, and whose data of contact are:

  • Address: C/ Guillem of Castro No. 9, 46007 Valencia Spain
  • Telephone of contact: +34 620 02 77 58
  • Email of contact: info@meetmeatandtrade.com


The object of the conditions: The Website

The object of the present General Conditions of Use (from now on, Conditions) is to regulate the access and the usage of the Website. To the effects of the present Conditions will understand like Website: the external appearance of the interfaces of screen, so much of static form as of dynamic form, that is to say, the tree of navigation; and all the elements integrated so much in the interfaces of screen as in the tree of navigation (from now on, Contents) and all those services or resources on line that in his case offer to the Users (from now on, Services).

MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX reserves the faculty to modify, anytime, and without previous warning, the presentation and configuration of the Website and of the Contents and Services that in him could be incorporated. The User recognizes and accepts that anytime MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX  can interrupt, deactivate and/or cancel any one of these elements that integrate in the Website or the access to the same.

Apart from the cost of connection through the network of telecommunications supplied by the provider of access, and that it had hired the User, some of the Contents or Services offered by MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX  or, in his case, third through the Website can find subject to the previous contracting of the Content or Service, in whose case will specify of clear form and/or will put to disposal of the User the corresponding General Conditions or Particular by which this govern.

The usage of any of the Contents or Services of the Website will be able to do by means of the subscription or previous register of the User.

The User & Website Access

The access, the navigation and use of the Website, as well as by the spaces enabled for interact between the Users, and the User and MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX, like the comments and/or spaces of blogging, confers the condition of User, by what accept , since it initiates the navigation by the Website, all the here established Conditions, as well as his ulterior modifications, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding legal rule of forced fulfillment according to the case. Given the importance of the previous, recommends to the User read them every time that it visit the Website.

The Website of MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX provide big diversity of information, services and data. The User assumes his responsibility to make a correct use of the Website. This responsibility will extend to:

  • A use of the information, Contents and/or Services and data offered by MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX without that it was contrary to the head by the present Conditions, the Law, the morals or the public order, or that of any another way can suppose injury of the rights of third or of the same operation of the Website.
  • The veracity and legality of the information contributed by the User in the widespread forms by MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX for the access to some Contents or Services offered by the Website. Anyway, the User will notify of immediate form to MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX about any fact that allow the undue use of the information registered in said forms, such as, but no only, the theft, loss, or the unauthorized access to identifiers and/or passwords, with the end to proceed to his immediate cancellation.

MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX reserves the right to withdraw all those comments and contributions that violate the law, the respect to the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, xenophobe, racist, pornographic, spamming, that attack against the youth or the infancy, the order or the public security or that, in his opinion, did not result adapted for his publication.

In any case, MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX will not be responsible of the opinions poured by the Users through comments or other tools of blogging or of participation that can have.

The mere access to this Website does not supposed to board any type of relation of commercial character between MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX and the User.

The User declares to be greater of age and have of the sufficient juridical capacity to link by the present Conditions. Therefore, this Website of MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX does not head to lower of age. MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com Decline any responsibility by the breach of this requirement.

Definition and Meanings

Unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:
• Text: “You” will refer to buyer, seller or both
• Text: “Goods will refer to meat product offer in bulk and open to be offered or bought

Prices or Offer or Requests

Rather buyer (posting RFQ/RFP or seller (posting offers) will express the quantity in Kilograms (kg) or Metting Tons (t) and prices in EUR. All prices in our website are suggested to be NET per kilogram or per metric ton and excluding all VAT or LOCAL TAXES, in case Origin and Destination of the parties involved in the deal (buyer/seller) be the same, both parties are responsible to agree on payment terms conditions to cover all TAXES or additional fees according to their country legal regulations.

All costs or additional fees occur due to cancelation or possible claims will be only responsible of the parties involve and Meet Meat and Trade won’t be responsible of this.

User registration 

Opening an Account on the Marketplace is done according to the instructions provided for meat business propouse

All users rather is Sleer or Buyers, will need to complete the entire account opening forms, completing all info requested for such a propouse and process the form, is consider as aceptance of theTerms and Condition of the site.

MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX  verify and validate all info from registration form and reserves the right cofnirm or not the access to the user without any justification. Once confirmed, user receive mail to confirm the membership according to length period and interest of each user.

All users, visitor of final verified users gurantee is a physical person with professional status or a legal entity, and age enough +18 years old, to process this request in our website and acting within the framwork or a legal and normal activities including all legal and taxes situations.

MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX reserves the right to request any documentation to support the veracity of the info supplied 

  • Proof of identity
  • Company Registration Document
  • Veterinariand or plant number registration doc.
  • Any other requested from the registration form need to validy and confirm indentity. 

Subscription and fees

Registered user will have access to the website according in time to the fee the confirm by subscription price table, allowing MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL The charge into the different method of payment available online. All fee allows full access to all data base and function (offer, request, Biding, Chat, Support). All Registered users will have free usage time of the website according to the Subscription

Users can cancel rather subscription or unsubscribe or both by the expiry date of the month, day or the year, if this cancelation it’s not processed by user the renew will be automatically according o his purchase (monthly, every 2, 6 or 12 month), MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL reserves the right of informing the cancelation, in this stage user should be checking his account and expiry date of subscription

The prices are private and strictly used by the company and for whom the company considers, they can be revealed (Buyer or direct Suppliers ONLY).

If you are interested in receiving the prices, click on the following link “REQUEST FOR MEBERSHIP PRICING OR QUOTATION”, By email to info@meetmeatnadtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX to revelad, in the mail please include Your name, Corporative email & phone number

Buyer and Seller Features

User (Buyers/Sellers) duly verified/registered with subscription active will have the following features

* The financial health classification is purely informative and under no binding concept is it issued at a solely INFORMATIVE level.  applies according to terms and conditions

Financial Health Rating (Cesce*)

The financial health rating responds to non-binding reports provided by Cesce only at the time of approval by the user and is obtained through consultations in service of the current Meet Meat and Trade SL insurance policy No. 9155524 and is issued for informational purposes only to provide service of appreciation of the users of the Marketplace, under no circumstances this rating is binding for any purpose

The FHR is based on internal rating as 

  1. Low – Rated: 0 – 25.000 Euros
  2. Nomal – Rated: 25.001 – 100.000 Euros
  3. High- Rated: >100.001 Euros

 Info rated at the moment of the request to CESCE.

Users Safe & Protection:

We guarantee the maximum security in your payment and the confidentiality of the data. All payment operations are carried out through a secure server, based on the Standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which guarantees the total confidentiality of your bank card details. These data travel encrypted at all times and are only known by the authorizing bank, without being stored on our servers at any time.

All payments for purchases at www.lavinquepizza.com are made through Redsys (BBVA’s official payment channel) with all data transfer encryption and security systems through the SSL security protocol, so that the The buyer will enjoy the protection of these channels at all times.

Payment terms :

However, the buyer/seller, set and payment terms, this could be subject to final confirmation in both sides, as long as inside Europe can be a capable working on the insurance cover buy the seller side. All the others payment should have confirmed and agree between both parties and MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL is not responsible of the end negotiation according to payment terms.

In no any case, payment should be made to MEET MEAT AND TRADE SLbut directly to supplier details in case has been provide at moment they registered the on his profile, otherwise should be and agree between both parties.


In case cancelation occurs from one side or another (buyer/seller), this solution should come on agreement between parties involved and MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL it’s not responsible of the damage this could cause on production line or others.

Third terms of use

Users are recommended to check and confirm the terms and use of the buyer/seller they could confirm a deal with goods, MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL won’t be responsible of the not reviewing or acceptance of this info in each side


MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com It does not guarantee the continuity, availability and utility of the Website, neither of the Contents or Services. MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com It will do all the possible by the good operation of the Website, however, does not hold responsible neither guarantees that the access to this Website do not go to be uninterruptible or that was free of error.

Neither it holds responsible or it guarantees that the content or software to the that can access through this Website, was free of error or cause a damage to the computer system (software and hardware) of the User. In no case MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX it will be responsible by the losses, damages or damages of any type that arise by the access, navigation and the use of the Website, including, but not to limiting, to the caused to the computer systems or the caused by the introduction of virus.

MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL – https://www.meetmeatandtrade.com & XXXXXXXXX Neither it does responsible of the damages that could occur to the users by an unsuitable use of this Website. In particular, it does not do responsible in way any of the falls, interruptions, fault or defect of the telecommunications that could occur.