The Best Meat Trading Co., and Specialized Meat B2B



Being part of the MarkePlace its simple.

  1. Go to Link
  2. Register as Buyer or Seller completing all info and selecting a memebership 
  3. Your profile will be validated (as part of our policy 100% verified buyers/sellers)
  4. Once verified will have FULL ACESS
  5. As buyer now can send RFQ, seach for offer and talk with direct seller
  6. As seller now you can post your special offer or surplus stock and talk wth buyers directly
  7. Tutorial about how to USE the marketplace available only for Active Members
  • What we consider as Buyers – Plants who produce  (sausages, processed meat, canned and/or stews meat, smoked food, deboning plants & Twtc
  • What we consider as Sellers – Maily slaugtherhluses, deboning plants, packers & Twtc
  • What is the meaning of TWTC?

TWTC are the words we have given in MMT (Meat Meet and Trade) to identify those Top’s World Trading Companies strong enough and with a well-known name built in the meat market, financially strong to give all guarantees to users and with the capacity to work and act not only as trading but also as financial giving special payment conditions to buyers and seller with good and competitive prices.

As we sure already know in the market there are many intermediary companies, which in many cases are not clear or do not have how to give guarantees on the products they offer when a claim appear and even find companies that are scam (frauds) from Meet Meat and Trade and as part of the verification process of all users in, we consider it important that the Trading companies that are part of our network are those that can give guarantees when:

  • Offers products
  • Request products
  • Give right services
  • Financial Guarantees

In this stage its safe for all parties, because we are sure they are legal companies, with corporative mail, duly registred in the taxes, etc. all trading companies are welcome

  • What do you mean by Verified Users?

By verified users, MMT confirms every single user registration via the info provided once login so we make sure the date its clear and right according to the fiscal and commercial info, in this scenery all the user will be protected by knowing all the users are real and legally confirmed

  • Can I contact the Seller, buyer and TWTC directly?

Yes, all user can contact each other and get the info from the other side, we open cards and via our B2B marketplace

In order to become in the Best Meat Market Place, we consider important to be clear about some guides, procedures and rules.

  1. We will give access to only 100% verified users
  2. Verifing is about only about profile data so we make sure all is correct and we giving access to buyers, seller or TWTC only. 
  3. If user mail ID to create a profile its not corportative we will process a small verification, to make sure the user its active in the company soft verification request as: receiving an email from corportative mail with signature and proof is an active member of the potential user, if this cannot be done we will request a phone call to us  to comfirm we receive the call from corporative phone number 
  4. All the free time according to membership its given after paid time

Subscription and fees

Registered user will have access to the website according in time to the fee the confirm by subscription price table, allowing MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL The charge into the different method of payment available online. All fee allows full access to all data base and function (offer, request, Biding, Chat, Support)

All Registered users will have free usage time of the website according to the Subscription

EUR Rate for Subscription EUR Average rate/month USD Rate for Subscription Free Time Access
100 eur/monthly 100 eur/month Acc. To EUR/US ExRate N/A
270 eur/3 months   90 eur/month Acc. To EUR/US ExRate 30 days 
480 eur/6 months   80 eur/month Acc. To EUR/US ExRate 60 days
840 eur/anually   70 eur/month Acc. To EUR/US ExRate 120 days

Users can cancel rather subscription or unsubscribe or both by the expiry date of the month, day or the year, if this cancelation it’s not processed by user the renew will be automatically according o his purchase (monthly, every 2, 6 or 12 month), MEET MEAT AND TRADE SL reserves the right of informing the cancelation, in this stage user should be checking his account and expiry date of subscription


User (buyers/Sellers) duly registered with subscription active will have the option to

  • BID an offer or request
  • Accept or reject the BID received
  • BIDs back the counterpart

The direct contact between the parties for the purpose of bidding and counter-bidding, is outside the responsibility of MEET MEAT AND TRADE, as a B2B platform we limit ourselves to facilitating access and contact between the Buyers and Sellers.

If you have any other doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to, we will be pleased to attend you and clear any doubt.