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MEET MEAT & TRADE – Trading Team

Is the import/export specialized trading team part of Meet Meat & Trade SL Company who handle manually and personalized all the meat request from our customers.

We count with a professional highly trained team always ready and connected with our seller network looking the best choice in quality/price according to their demands.

Our customers are mainly: sausages companies, processed meat plants, canned stews plants, canned food plants, smoked meat plants, wholesalers, fresh and frozen processing plants, etc.

We count with a large network of suppliers with approvals and quality standards (ISO, HACCP, BRC, SAE, IFS, Halal, etc.) We work with them closely to ensure the quality and price of products for our customers, as we always look for improving and developing new products and optimum supply.

For all inqueries do not hesitate to contact our trading team, we will be pleased to attend and handle your inqueries, surplus stocks or offers. 

Mail: manager@meetmeatandtrade.com

Specialists in meat products



MEET MEAT & TRADE SL – Trading Team: Is your best ally in the meat Market

For any doubt or inquery as buyer or seller do not hesitate to contact us, we are your right partner in the market, as buyer we will find for you the best raw material and as seller we will place your stocks into the most competitive processing meat plant.

Let us assist you If you have as buyer some Inqueries or as seller some secial offer or surplus stock, send us info.

Product, Origin, Temperature,  Quantity (Kg or Mt), Packing, Specification sheet, Quality approvals & Contries aprovals (if seller then production date and shelflife).