MEET MEAT & TRADE SL, it’s a specialized World Wide Meat Trading Company that comes to alive in 2018, as result of decades of experience supplying and trading in the Fresh/Frozen meat market and also involved in the farming meat sector connecting farmers and meat suppliers mainly around EU with slaughterhouses in the live market.

Always connecting & Supporting…!

As result of this vision MEET MEAT & TRADE SL, evolves according to the now days expectatives gathering the best of the 2 trading ways.  


The classic and most common trading way where you count with a specialized trading team handling your needs to sell (Special Offer or Surplus Stocks) or request buy (Raw Materials Fresh/Frozen) in the meat market always developing new and better systems of supplies & communications, providing each and every one of our customers the best quality and the most competitive prices.

    • Buyers – Receiving all your Inquiries & raw material needs (Specification, Packing, Quantity, etc)
    • Buyers – Sending our best offers according to your needs in quality, quantity & price. 
    • Sellers and Suppliers – Receiving offer or Surplus stocks to handle according to our buyers needs 
    • Sellers and Suppliers – Sending you all inquiries according to our buyers and their raw material needs.
At this point we can ensure you have found the right strategic partner to meet each and every one of your needs in the meat and food market.
Best Quality, Min Margin & Stable cooperation Always..!


The unique B2B Marketplace and Platform where you can place your offer and request to trade directly with and only end buyer or direct suppliers with only 100% verified users. 

    • Users/Buyers can place inquiries & these will be seen by direct with meat suppliers
    • Users/Buyers can search for available products offered by others seller worldwide
    • Users/Sellers can send special offers or surplus stock & theses will be seen directly by buyers
    • Users/Sellers can search for quotes and find right buyers anytime 
    • Buyers & Sellers can Interact directly with plant and no intermediates
Only Verified members will have access to the marketplace. The best of the most powerful toll in the meat trading at your service in one site! Connecting is our duty.

We are a marketplace meat for meat suppliers